World’s largest transporter of fuel and food products struggling to recover from NotPetya

Companies across the globe are still feeling the effects of NotPetya, a cyber attack that began in the Ukraine last month, before spreading to organisations in more than 60 countries. Among the biggest firms hit were AP Moller-Maersk, WPP, Reckitt Benckiser and FedEx, all of which reported this week that operations are still not back to normal.

Maersk Line

The damage caused to Maersk has been particularly detrimental, as the company’s shipping subsidiary, Maersk Line, is the world’s largest transporter of fuels, consumer goods and food products. Maersk Line has experienced severe delays because of NotPetya, and businesses whose products are transported by Maersk have had to warn customers about shortfalls.

The attack on Maersk Line shut down its IT systems, meaning the company had to reroute ships to alternate destinations. Moreover, it was unable to dock and unload containers at several ports that it operates under its APM Terminals division – including Rotterdam and Los Angeles.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Maersk Line Chief Commercial Officer Vincent Clerc said:

Our portal is down and we are not able to take on new orders until we get it back up. […] We’re being very cautious to ensure that as we bring the applications back up, the attack is contained and rolled back. It limits the accessibility we have at the moment.

Maersk Line confirmed that the vessels themselves remain fully operational. On 5 June, the company said that all of its ports have now reopened.

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