Over a dozen law firms held hostage by ransomware in last few weeks

Hacker typing on a laptop with binary code in background

As reported in RTÉ news, over a dozen law firms have been held ransom in recent weeks by cyber criminals using ransomware and demanding tens of thousands of euros.

The ransomware works by getting into a computer system and encrypting the company’s files. Money is then demanded for the key to decrypt them.

Unfortunately, most of these attacks go unreported for fear of losing client confidence, which could be disastrous for law firms.

One anonymous solicitor who spoke to RTÉ news said it was potentially disastrous for his firm.

He said he panicked when he realised the seriousness of the attack, and that the client account system was in jeopardy.

He continued: “we would be accountable for a closing balance of €4-5m every day to clients and trying to identify 2,500 clients, whose money was actually in the account to the cent, was never going to be achievable going forward”.

Adopting information security best practice in the legal sector

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