List of data breaches and cyber attacks in September 2015

It’s a big list this month and I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface. There have been some interesting attacks and revelations this month, including the Imgur DDoS attack and the theft of six million US Government fingerprints. Passwords can be changed but fingerprints can’t.

Data breach

London’s 56 Dean Street clinic leaks HIV status of 780 patients

Data breach costs Comcast $33million

Large US health insurer announces mass data breach that occurred in December 2013

WHSmith ‘data breach’: Dozens of customers’ private details sent to others via mass emails

Nearly 80,000 college students affected by data breach

800,000 fans of the Kardashians left exposed after privacy blunder

Iron Tiger: How hackers have stolen terabytes of confidential data from US high-tech firms

About 2,800 Kentucky high school students notified of breach

CVS employee steals data on 55K Molina Healthcare members

Employee data on computer stolen from California Outback Steakhouse

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools breach affects 7,600 job applicants

Oakland Family Services notifies 16K clients of information breach

Hawaii credit union notifies customers of employee email breach

UCLA Health laptop stolen, contained data on about 1,200 patients

Hackers have stolen almost six million US Government fingerprints

Cyber attacks and malware

Malware sneaks into the iOS App Store. What you need to know about XcodeGhost

NCA website falls foul of Lizard Squad DDoS attack

Imgur suffers DDoS attack on 4chan and 8chan servers

Bored Brazilian skiddie claims DDoS against Essex Police

Rutgers university’s computer network under attack; website, internet access down on campus

WhatsApp for web a malware risk

Energy department “successfully compromised” by more than 150 cyber attacks

xHamster adult site infects computers through malicious Sex Messenger ad

Malware hits the Google Play Android app store again (and again)

Forbes gives you another reason to run an ad blocker – by serving up malvertising for a week

PornHub, YouPorn hit in malvertising campaign

Payment card information

Banks: Card Breach at Hilton Hotel Properties

Thousands of Lloyds Premier Bank customers have had their data “stolen” in security breach

Malware targets credit cards used at Pennsylvania Holiday Inn

Padlocks4Less website possibly compromised, payment cards at risk

About 2,500 customer credit cards affected in Mohu website breach

Malware on Maine hotel computer targets guest payment cards

GreenDispenser ATM malware found in the wild, stealing cash from banks

Fighting back against cyber crime

Danish man arrested after cyber attack on Auckland girl

Northampton boy arrested in Lizard Stresser ‘cyber attack’ investigation

Russian hacker behind massive data breach pleads guilty


It’s not a tax rebate – it’s an HMRC phishing scam

Trends and traits of data breaches

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