List of data breaches and cyber attacks in June

Not so fun fact: last June’s edition of the list of data breaches and cyber attacks featured the first time a cyber attack forced a well-known company out of business, Code Spaces.

While there haven’t been any similar cases this month, the list below clearly demonstrates that organisations are still suffering from the threats that Code Spaces faced.

When will things improve?

Cyber attack

Microsoft’s anti-surveillance site hacked

US Army website hacked

Bundestag cyber attack confirmed [UPDATED]

Israel Confirms It Was Cyber Attack Target

Canada government websites taken down in cyber attack

Kaspersky Spots Hackers within its Own Network

Data breach

Aussie Internet provider Westnet breached – over 30,000 customers affected

FBI looks at Cardinals in Astros’ data breach

Second data breach at OPM confirmed

LastPass warns of data breach

Millions of US government workers hit by data breach

Woolworths data breach leaks AU$1.3 million of Groupon gift vouchers

1.25 million Japanese pension records leaked following phishing attack

COA Network breached, all customer data treated as potentially compromised

UC Irvine Medical Center announces breach affecting 4,859 patients

Unauthorized access gained to Heartland Dental databases

Unity Recovery Group client data improperly disclosed

Medical Information Engineering’s network breached; undisclosed number of patients compromised

Payment card information breach

Hershey Park Investigates Card Fraud Pattern

Dungarees website attacked, payment cards potentially compromised

Payment card breach at Holiday Valley Resort

Lingerie seller’s ecommerce server compromised, credit cards at risk

AeroGrow says malware likely compromised payment card data

Hotel Beacon payment card processing systems compromised


Polish airline forced to ground planes after “IT attack”

Use the default Apple iOS Mail app on your iPhone, iPad or iWatch? Careful now…

Samsung phones vulnerable to cyber attacks because of software bug

Apple CORED: Boffins reveal password-killer 0-days for iOS and OS X