List of data breaches and cyber attacks in July 2018 – 139,731,894 million records leaked

Another month passes where I’m left thinking ‘I should really create a Healthcare category’. So, from next month – I’ll be doing exactly that.

There were some incredibly sensitive breaches this month, the majority of which were caused by human error. I imagine human error will continue to be the main cause of data breaches for decades to come – damn humans.

I count this month’s list of known leaked records to be 139,731,894. As always, if I have missed any out – please let me know in the comments section below.

Cyber attack and ransomware

Mumbai: Ransomware hits Dadar CA’s office, demands payment in bitcoins for decryption

Blue Springs Family Care notifies 44,979 patients after ransomware attack

Long Beach Port terminal hit by ransomware attack

Samsam infected thousands of LabCorp systems via brute force RDP

Thousands of patient records held for ransom in Ontario home care data breach, attackers claim

Cass Regional responds to ransomware attack

Data breach

Owners of 3 small IT firms arrested for leaking data 

State survey leads to Vermont Health Connect email breach

Confluence Health discloses patient data breach after employee email account hacked

Telstra customer stumbles across contact details of 66,000 fellow customers

Notification of data breach involving Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office leaves residents confused

Exposed Personal Information In Traffic Records Concerns Commissioner’s Office

Patient data found in Helsinki street

Thousands of GA Tech students data leaked, threats of legal and federal action loom

Garden City Community College investigating possible email breach

LifeLock Bug Exposed Millions of Customer Email Addresses

Patient data breach after bag stolen at Poole Hospital

Patients’ health records stolen from gas station

Lane County Health and Human Services says more than 700 patients and clients had their files lost or possibly destroyed

SIAS says data of 70,000 members stolen in 2013

Clark University notifies students of phishing incident

Central New York Cardiology notifies 824 patients after appointment records recovered by USPS from mail receptacle

State Dept. of Corrections notifies employees, inmates of online security incident with third-party vendor

NorthStar Anesthesia notifies patients after employee email accounts compromised

Demands for full investigation into ‘shocking’ data breach

Website Found Selling Data of 250,000 MBBS Applicants For Rs. 1 Lakh

Patients’ concerns over hacking incident at Ochre Health Wollongong

Ottawa Hospital fires employee after privacy breach involving 30 patients

Hackers stole data of PM Lee and 1.5 million patients in ‘major cyberattack’ on SingHealth  

Ballad Health employee fired after accessing patients’ records without permission

Ruben U. Carvajal, MD Provides Notice to Individuals of Data Security Event

Telefonica breach exposes personal data of ‘millions’ of customers

Sunspire Health patient data at risk from email breach

Thousands of Mega logins dumped online, exposing user files

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center- Cole notifies patients of personal data breach

Tennessee hospice notifying patients whose information was accessed after employees fell for phishing attacks

Billings Clinic employee’s email hacked during overseas travel; breach affects 8,400 people

Andhra Pradesh website is leaking detailed data of farmers

Purdue data breach exposes personal info of 26K prospective students

UMC Physicians offers identity protection to 18,000 patients after data breach

Hackers are selling access to law firm secrets on dark web sites

DC health website security breach exposes nurse’s personal info including SSN

BP data breach widens to 60,000 people after malware attack on PageUp job portal

Identities of thousands of Tennesseans with HIV made vulnerable by government error

The 111 Million Record Pemiblanc Credential Stuffing List

Investigation, apology after doctor loses confidential breast cancer patient files

VCU Health System notifies patients of improper access to information

Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s notify customers of attack

User data exposed in Domain Factory hosting security breach

Timehop Hacked — Hackers Stole Personal Data Of All 21 Million Users

Lake Oswego School District warns students about phishing email after employee account hacked

Privacy breach at Disputes Tribunal

Manitowoc County data breach affected personal health, medical information

Secret police dossier of paedophiles and victims found dumped in a skip

Eastern Cape’s massive schools data loss

Guest information stolen in Travelodge data breach

Costa Coffee Applicant Details Hacked – Owner Whitbread “Very Sorry”

NHS data breach affects 150,000 patients in England

1.4 million online fashion shoppers exposed after data breach at UK ecommerce provider

Financial information

Idaho Inmates Hacked Prison Service for $225,000 in Credit

Southern College of Optometry notifies students whose loan information was hacked

Security breach jeopardizes credit card information for Medford residents

Hackers Breach Russian Bank and Steal $1 Million Due to Outdated Router

Vermont schools lag on cybersecurity while risks hit home with $50K fraud from Pownal

Bozeman says security breach stole some utility customers’ credit cards

Another Crypto Fail: Hackers Steal $23.5 Million from Token Service Bancor


How a Robotics Vendor Exposed Confidential Data for Major Manufacturing Companies

LabCorp hacked? Investigation under way 

Deceased Patient Data Being Sold on Dark Web

A dumb security flaw let a hacker download US drone secrets