List of data breaches and cyber attacks in July

Although the actual number of data breaches and cyber attacks in July is not staggeringly high, the types of data stolen this month could have devastating effects on individuals, families, organisations and governments.

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Cyber attack

Hacking Team hacked – cyber surveillance company tells customers to stop using its software

Nursery webcam accessed by stranger to speak to parent and child 

Coordinated cyber attack hits four New Jersey gambling sites

Digital media streaming service Plex hacked, forum held for ransom

Canadian Security Intelligence Service website taken offline

Tour de France leader Chris Froome suffers alleged data hack

Data breach

Infidelity site Ashley Madison hacked

Cyber attack on Edinburgh city council leaks 13,000 email addresses

Breach affects 3,000 clients enrolled in Georgia state program

East Sussex NHS Trust apologises over data breach

Personal data on laptop stolen from attorney with California law firm

Data on 86K individuals inadvertently made accessible to internet

Orlando Health employee improperly accesses patient medical records

Costco now hit by alleged PNI data breach

Payment card information breach

Evans Hotels announces payment card incident involving malware

Detroit Zoo, eight others across the county experience POS breach

CVS and Walmart Canada Are Investigating a Data Breach

Clothing website Dungarees hacked – customer payment card details exposed 

Donald Trump hotel chain hit with credit card data breach

Fighting back against cyber crime 

Europol knocks out mobile cybercrime gang in Spain

Cybercrime Kingpin Pleads Guilty

ID Theft Service Proprietor Gets 13 Years

The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly


LinkedIn fixes phishing flaw

Car entertainment systems vulnerable to cyber attack

Banking malware targets UK high street banks

Any organisation connected to the Internet must do its best to ensure that it is securing its data. Implementing the best-practice information security management standard, ISO 27001, and conducting regular penetration tests are steps in the right direction. Download our free green paper to get started.


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