List of data breaches and cyber attacks in January – 57,740,000 records stolen

It’s back! The list, which I’m never pleased to publish, is back for 2016, and while I’d love us to look back on January with a smile, it’s rather difficult (in relation to data breaches, that is). I’ve estimated that the minimum number of data records stolen is 57,747,230.

Data breach

Police accidentally gave victim’s details to alleged attacker

US health insurer Centene loses 950,000 people’s records

500 state workers fall victim to phishing scam, tax records stolen

Asda website leaves customer details vulnerable for 677 days

Mystery database leaks conservative’s personal details

Etihad Airways investigating data breach dating back to 2013

Attacker tricked Amazon customer service into disclosing user’s personal info – three times!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Chrome extensions raid your Steam account

Interxion suffers security breach, customer contact details exposed

Time Warner Cable customer? Change your password now

Documents with Social Security numbers found in Albuquerque dumpster

Brentwood c2c rail users have personal information shared with over 500 people after mistake

Lawrence teachers’ info compromised by phishing email

Hackers ‘Dox’ Miami Police Officers With Data Stolen From Government Database

String of data protection breaches by Leicester City Council staff revealed

Payment card information and financial theft

Wendy’s Probes Reports of Credit Card Breach

Bitcoin Worth $USD 6 Million Stolen

Hackers have stolen €50 million from an aerospace parts manufacturer

Hyatt names hotels affected by payment information malware

Cyber attack

Malware based on open-source backdoor targeting Ukraine power industries

Irish lottery and ticket terminals knocked offline by DDoS attack

MSN home page spreads malware via malicious ad

‘LostPass’ attack could phish LastPass users’ emails, passwords, and 2FA codes

Nissan took down websites following Anonymous DDoS attacks

US Intelligence chief has his phone account hacked, calls forwarded to Free Palestine Movement

DDoS gang takes down BBC websites, Donald Trump’s campaign site over holiday weekend

Lincolnshire council shuts down all IT after malware attack

Hackers shut down JYP Entertainment’s web site

Fighting back against cyber crime

MegalodonHTTP malware author arrested

DD4BC DDoS extortion gang smashed by international cops

International ATM malware gang dismantled by Europol

Man Who Tried to Frame Brian Krebs In Heroin Plot Pleads Guilty to Cybercrime Charges


Norton Antivirus tech support scam lands Symantec reseller in hot water

Jeremy Corbyn has his Twitter account hijacked

Winnipeg patient health information stolen from nurse’s vehicle

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