List of data breaches and cyber attacks in February 2018

This month’s number of breached records (2,234,633) is notably lower than previous months’ totals, but that doesn’t mean the number of cyber attacks decreased. Instead, cyber criminals seem to have shifted their focus to ransomware.

Ransomware works because it relies on users’ lax security practices. Given that a large proportion of internet users do not follow best practice – for whatever reason – it’s unsurprising that more and more cyber criminals are turning to it for their source of income.

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Cyber attack and ransomware

Connecticut state agencies targeted in cyberattack

Hackers break into schools’ CCTV system and stream footage of pupils live on the internet

Ransomware attacks hit two Ontario children’s aid societies

Cryptolocker malware hits IRD, locks 3500 files

City accountant hit in suspected ransomware attack

SamSam ransomware infects Colorado Department of Transportation

City of Allentown computer systems hit by virus that will require nearly $1M fix

County computers shut down by ransomware

Coastal Cape Fear Eye Associates notifies patients after ransomware attack

One Plugin, Over 4,200 Victims – When Thousands of Government Websites Were Hijacked to Mine Monero

Voter, Bee databases hit with ransomware attack

Smith Dental notifies HHS of ransomware attack affecting 1,500

Data breach

Porsche Japan customers data leaked

University of Canberra accidentally sends 24 staff details of every employee

Cyber criminals target Wallace employees

Sensitive info may be compromised after City of Houston employee’s laptop stolen

Hacker Strikes ‘Stalkerware’ Companies, Stealing Alleged Texts and GPS Locations of Customers

Former council worker fined for sharing personal information about schoolchildren and parents via Snapchat

UVA Health System Notifies 1,882 Patients About Potential Privacy Issue

City of Ballarat privacy nightmare: resident details posted online

White and Bright Family Dental notifies patients after hackers accessed PHI

HardwareZone Forum hit by security breach; 685,000 user profiles affected

Data breach again: Salary bill of Supplyco staff leaked on WhatsApp…

Social Security numbers from thousands of California state workers exposed in data breach

A phishing attack scored credentials for more than 50,000 Snapchat users

Missouri mental health department admits mailing error

STSCO school busing agency plans security audit after breach of student personal information in Peterborough area

Western Union Customer Data Stolen – Company Blames an Unnamed Storage Firm

Unsecured server exposed thousands of FedEx customer records

Triple-S Advantage notifies 36,305 Puerto Rican members of mailing error involving their information

Hacker extracts customer data from Canadian Telecom Firm after rebuttal

RoxSan Pharmacy Notifies Patients of Breach That Occurred in 2015

Aperio Group client account data breached by successful phishing attack

Personal data of 500,000 Nova Poshta clients allegedly leaked to dark web

Tennessee hospital notifies 24,000 patients after EMR system attacked with cryptocurrency mining software

Swisscom data breach: Personal details of one in ten Swiss citizens stolen

Partners Healthcare says data breach exposed patient information

12,000 Social Media Influencers, Mostly Women, Exposed by Marketing Firm Data Breach

CarePlus notifying customers of privacy breach

Financial information

UA data breach appears to target tax info

Chase ‘Glitch’ Exposed Customer Accounts

PNB data breach; 10,000 credit and debit cards and associated details affected: Report

HomeTown Bank Data Breach

Etsy Discloses Tax-Related Privacy Breach

Yikes! Data breach at Mass. tax agency allowed companies to peek in on competitors’ data

ITD email hack may have exposed truckers’ private information

Entergy notifies employees of W-2 breach involving TALX portal

Hackers breached BeeToken’s email list and stole $1M worth of Ethereum


‘Critical’ T-Mobile Bug Allowed Hackers To Hijack Users’ Accounts

Hack the Air Force 2.0 uncovers over 100 vulnerabilities

NSA exploits leaked by hackers tweaked to work on all versions of Windows since 2000

‘Panty Buster’ Toy Left Private Sex Lives Of 50,000 Exposed

Fighting back

Russian computer hackers in Colorado sold stolen credit card numbers for $3.6 million

12 years in prison for man who hacked Nasdaq, helped swipe 160M credit cards

Columbia University grad arrested for using key logger software

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