List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2016 – 166,687,282 records stolen

I’ve been compiling this list for more than two years now, and there’s never been much more to it than a list of links. This month, that changes.

Feedback from the thousands of people who read this list each month has been listened to. From now on, I’ll total up the number of records that have been known stolen in data breaches, as well as a bit more information on some of the larger stories.

Current total number of known stolen records: 166,687,282 (in April 2016)

This article will continue to be updated throughout the month, be sure to come back each day.

Voter data

This month has been dreadful for registered voters – well, dreadful if those countries are the Philippines or Mexico. 55,000,000 voters had their data leaked in the Philippines and 93,424,710 in Mexico.

For me, the Mexican data breach is the worse of the two – and not just because of the larger number of records leaked. The kidnapping problem in Mexico isn’t exactly a secret; in 2015 there were 1,698 cases of kidnapping. It’s not wrong to imagine that a database containing the addresses, names, parent’s names, etc. of every single Mexican civilian could exacerbate the kidnapping situation.

Another dating site, a site for beautiful people, suffered a data breach this month, leaking the personal data of 1,100,000 members. The data is already for sale online, including sexual preferences, relationship statuses, income, addresses and more.

What’s interesting about this breach is that it actually took place in December 2015, but claimed that it was a test server and was quickly locked up. However, it turns out that the data used on this test server was in fact real, and someone got their hands on it before it was taken down.

Blackmail from the AshleyMadison breach hasn’t slowed down, and the breach has recently taken another life by suicide. Data breaches of this nature – well, of any nature – are no joke. While isn’t identical to AshleyMadison, it’s not hard to imagine there are some people on that site who’d rather keep it a secret.

Data breach

Minecraft community lifeboat suffers data breach affecting seven million members

CoinWallet Bitcoin Trader Shuts Down Following Data Breach

Edwin Shaw employee loses unencrypted flash drive with 975 patients’ info

Hundreds of Spotify credentials appear online – users report accounts hacked, emails changed

NCT data breach – 15,000 expectant parents affected

Info of 200,000 babies leaked, causes panic among parents

93.4 million Mexicans at risk after voter database breach

COMELEC breach data released online, fully searchable

2,400 members’ info stolen, Kaiser Permanente says Leaks Very Private Data of 1.1 Million ‘Elite’ Daters — And It’s All For Sale

Oneida Health Center breach compromises 2,700 patients’ information

MoD contractor hacked, 831 members of defence community exposed

Wyoming Medical Center informs 3,200 patients of email breach

Pain Treatment Centers of America notifies 19,397 patients of Bizmatics breach

Denver Archdiocese payroll system breached, 18,000 people at risk

Cyber attack

Christian church website hacked by militant Islamist cyber terrorists

Jennifer Hudson Twitter Hacked

Police department computers hit by virus attack

Ransomware attacks 20 North East ISD schools

Schools put on high alert for JBoss ransomware exploit

Lizard Squad claims responsibility Blizzard DDoS attack; employee personal information leaked, games offline

Portsmouth website hacked by ‘Islamic State’

Hackers deface DZMM website, leak database 

Financial information

ShapeShift loses $230,000 in bitcoin data breach – ex-employee to blame

Trump Hotel chain suffers data breach again

Qatar National Bank Suffers Massive Breach

Hackers Target Anti-DDoS Firm Staminus

Fighting back against cyber crime

‘Blackhole’ Exploit Kit Author Gets 7 Years

Journalist gets two years in prison for helping hacker group Anonymous

Former Energy Department worker sentenced in email ‘spear-phishing’ attempt

Trends and traits of data breaches

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Have I missed something? Most likely. Please leave a comment below with any breaches or cyber attacks that you believe belong in this list.
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