List of data breaches and cyber attacks August 2018 – 215,000,000 records leaked

As we end the near of August, it’s time to tally up the month’s breaches.

The volume of breaches is actually rather low in comparison to recent months; however the number of leaked records is a staggering 215,009,428.

However, it is worth pointing out that 130 million of those records are from a Chinese hotel chain.

As with every month, if I have missed anything – let me know by commenting below.

Data breach

Leaked data from Chinese hotel chain may affect 130 million customers

User Data Leaked From Brazilian Crypto Arbitrage Platform, Funds Reportedly Safe

Aadhaar details of over 60k students on APCCE website

Babysitting app suffers ‘temporary data breach’ of 93,000 users

T-Mobile experienced a data breach on August 20th

37,000 Eir customers face data breach in laptop theft

Melbourne student health records posted online in ‘appalling’ privacy breach

TPS recovers confidential student information found in dumpster behind Tulsa school

Superdrug’s customers affected in data breach

Sexual assault victim’s medical records given to wrong person

Animoto hack exposes personal information, geolocation data

Legacy Health email breach exposes 38,000 patients’ information

Russian blogger uncovers a treasure trove of police records at an abandoned station in Moscow

Twitch Glitch Exposed Some Users’ Private Messages

Possible computer data breach at EMCC could affect thousands of students, staff

British and Canadian Governments Accidentally Exposed Passwords and Security Plans to the Entire Internet

Ga. university breach risks health, personal information of 417,000 

Adams County clerk suspected in connection with data breach affecting more than 250,000

NSW Health privacy breach: ‘horrified’ families waiting for answers about patient files found in derelict building

50,553,664 GOMO app users’ information exposed – researcher (UPDATED)

Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk Confirms Data Breach

Adams County data breach exposed personal information of up to 250,000 people

Butlin’s Hacked – 34,000 customers affected

MedSpring Urgent Care notifies 13,000 patients after phishing attack

Defective Comcast security exposes 26.5m customers’ partial Social Security Numbers and addresses

Telemedicine company exposed data of more than 2 millions patients in Mexico

Data hacked at web provider Fashion Nexus

Web doc iCliniq plugs leaky S3 bucket full of medical files

Forum post claims breach of 850k users’ information; leak from

Reddit discloses a breach

Financial information

Fiserv Flaw Exposed Customer Data at Hundreds of Banks

Darden reports possible data breach at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Bossier City shuts downs online water bill payment system over possible data breach

Credit Card Issuer TCM Bank Leaked Applicant Data for 16 Months

Data leaks at 2 Thai banks spark call for legal safeguards developer’s goof left 19,000 consumers’ credit reports unsecured

Cyber attack & ransomware

It was all going so well until….. it wasn’t.

Ransomware Strikes Computer Servers of Golfers’ Association

Taranaki High School in digital lockdown after hacker demands US$5000 to release school work

Fighting back against cyber crime

Seven Charged for Bitcoin Computer Theft

Alleged 19-Year-Old SIM Swapper Used Stolen Bitcoin to Buy Luxury Cars


1,464 Western Australian government officials used ‘Password123’ as their password. But don’t smirk.

NHS trusts ‘misplace’ 10,000 patient records in major security breach

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