Hackers Takeaway Domino’s Pizza Customer Data; More Puns Inside

In the latest hack to hit the news, Domino’s Pizza  are being blackmailed by hackers to fork over £24,000 or they’ll release the data of up to 600,000 of its French and Belgian customers.

The serving of bad news first came to light via Twitter where Domino’s announced, “Domino’s Pizza uses an encryption system for data. However, we suffered a hack by seasoned professionals and it is likely that they could decode the encryption system including passwords”.

Before the hackers’ Twitter account was suspended, they tweeted, “If you’re a @dominos_pizzafr customer, u may want to know that we have offered Domino’s not to publish your data in exchange for €30,000”. They went on to say, “Domino’s Pizza has until Monday at 8PM CET to pay us. If they do not do so, we will post the entirety of the data in our possession on the internet”.

Domino’s Netherlands spokesperson, Andre ten Wolde, has said that the company would not be paying the ransom and that financial data had not been stolen.