Four cyber security infographics that you must see

Yes, I’m being melodramatic – it’s very unlikely that your survival depends on seeing these infographics. But let’s just pretend it does.

Cyber security professionals will be aware that keeping up to date with the latest information is difficult. Finding relevant content among the swathes of new data that’s published each day is a challenge to anyone.

Infographics provide a great alternative to digesting the latest reports – they’re easy to read and focus on the juicy bits.

Below, I have put together a short list of four recently published infographics that provide salient information that will be useful to any cyber security professional.

Beware of the (phishing) bait

Did you know that 156 million phishing emails are sent each day? This infographic reveals the main threats that phishing poses and explains why it is important to educate your employees on phishing awareness.


2015 global cybersecurity megatrends with US spotlight

Did you know that 23% of US company leaders view cyber security as a strategic priority? Find out more in this great infographic from Raytheon.


Source: Raytheon


Attackers exploit defensive gaps

This infographic provides a brief insight into the methods used by cyber criminals in their attacks.


Source: Cisco

ISO 27001 drivers and challenges

The infographic is based on IT Governance’s ISO 27001 Global Report 2015, which revealed that 70% of respondents said that improving information security was the biggest driver for implementing ISO 27001.

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