Experts tell us how to be cyber secure in 10 words

Not a day goes by without an article on this blog offering professionals the advice and guidance they need to become cyber secure – but today is a little different.

Rather than providing you with details of the latest analysis, threats and the solutions that protect against those threats, I’ve reached out to a handful of well-known cyber security experts who will tell you how to be cyber secure in 10 words (or less).

Brian_Honan_400x400Brian Honan

Bio: Brian Honan is a recognised industry expert on information security, in particular the ISO 27001 information security standard.

Twitter: @brianhonan

10 words: Educate staff to spot and react to potential attacks.

vK2q0IV2_400x400Brian Krebs

Bio: Brian is an independent investigative journalist who writes about cyber crime on his world-famous site, KrebsonSecurity.

Twitter: @briankrebs

10 words: Test, hack, measure, respond, repeat. Make executives own the issue.

geraint-williams_BWGeraint Williams

Bio: Geraint is a PCI QSA and leads our technical services team, which provides our clients with practical services to ensure their data remains secure

Twitter: @GeraintW

10 words: User education and early intrusion detection with prompt response

GXsP6vF9_400x400Graham Cluley

Bio: Graham is a computer security expert, blogger and public speaker.

Twitter: @gcluley

10 words: Keep yourself briefed about the latest threats, and be paranoid.

Note: another 10 words from Graham are: Google it. Actually, no. Don’t do that. Use DuckDuckGo instead.

vYJ1mwT7_400x400Javvad Malik

Bio: Javvad is describes himself as “The unholy alliance between information security and cynicism wrapped up in storytelling and YouTube”. << I agree.

Twitter: @J4vv4D

10 words: Stop giving away information and connecting everything to the internet.

lee-munsonLee Munson

Bio: Lee Munson is the founder of Security FAQs; a blogger with a huge passion for information security and, from the below, I imagine he’s also a poet.

Twitter:  @Security_FAQs

10 words: Build a strong security culture to deter the cyber vulture.

NsW5ZL81_400x400Neira Jones

Bio: Listed by tripwire as one of the “Top Influencers in Security You Should Be Following in 2015”, Neira is an expert whose opinion matters.

Twitter: @neirajones

10 words: People, Process, Technology: an information security strategy must be trilateral.

And my 10 words? “Don’t ask me, I’m in marketing. Read the above.”

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