Getting started with data flow mapping for the GDPR

Do you know where your organisation’s personal data is at all times? It may not always be stored in just the one place you think it is.

It can be difficult to track what is happening with your organisation’s personal data without taking careful measures. The easiest way to start is by carrying out data flow mapping.

Ok, so what is data flow mapping?

Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) will require an extensive audit of your organisation’s data flows. You must identify the type of data you process, where the data is stored, who is accountable for the data, who has access to the data, and with whom the data is shared.

A data mapping exercise will help to do this by pin-pointing the ins and outs of your organisation’s data flows. This will make it easier to conduct a risk assessment when data is moved or changed.

To get started, view the new Data Flow Mapping Tool.

Learn more about data flow mapping with our free webinar

Conducting a data flow mapping exercise under the GDPR

Wednesday, 4 October

3:00 pm (GMT)

This webinar is hosted by IT Governance’s founder and executive chairman, Alan Calder, and offers expert guidance on the following:

  • The GDPR remedies, liabilities and penalties.
  • Data flows and identifying the key elements.
  • The benefits of conducting a data flow mapping exercise.
  • The challenges of data flow mapping.
  • Techniques and best practice for data flow mapping.

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Not sure where to begin?

If you are uncertain whether data flow mapping applies to your organisation or simply need to start from the beginning when it come to the GDPR, IT Governance can provide advice and guidance with our ‘first steps’ webinar series to get you on the way to GDPR compliance.

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