4 Reasons UK Businesses Opt for Cyber Essentials

A recent blog post I wrote shows six reasons businesses should consider Cyber Essentials certification to prevent around 80% of basic cyber attacks and reduce the risk of cyber crime generally. From improved business efficiency to enhanced business reputation and competitiveness in the marketplace, there is much more than improved cyber security itself to benefit from. To provide further evidence showing that Cyber Essentials is ‘essential’ for your cyber security, I collected feedback from companies that IT Governance has certified to Cyber Essentials.

A prerequisite for doing business

Although the scheme is mandatory for companies bidding for UK Government contracts that involve the handling of sensitive information, it’s also recommended for all organisations for the value it adds to their cyber security strategies. Adherence to the scheme is often a prerequisite for doing business because certification provides third-party assurance of the company’s cyber security.

“Although we have ISO 27001 we have found that Cyber Essentials still adds value to our cyber security controls. This is our second year achieving Cyber Essentials certification and we have seen the growth of Cyber Essentials as a prerequisite for doing business with our customers.”
Agenda Screening Services.

Demonstrating a level of assurance

Customers, stakeholders and other third parties seek reassurance that companies secure sensitive data and protect themselves from cyber attacks.

“Achieving Cyber Essentials was seen as a way to demonstrate a level of assurance to our customers, by showing that security controls are in place to protect the business, its IT systems and information, and that these controls have been assessed against an independent, formal framework.”
SyntheSys Systems Engineers Ltd.

“A large proportion of our work involves secure and confidential data, with this in mind, data security is of critical importance to AlphaPlus Consultancy. Successfully completing the Cyber Essentials certification process assures our clients that we can be trusted to carefully manage their data.”
AlphaPlus Consultancy.

“It allows us to demonstrate to stakeholders that we have essential IT security controls in place.”
Action for Children.

A cyber security strategy milestone

Although the five security controls won’t protect you from advanced and targeted attacks, they do offer a good defence against basic ones, laying the foundations for a more comprehensive cyber security strategy and further level of protection.

“After discovering the Cyber Essentials scheme, it was clear that it would be an excellent target to aim for and would act as a significant milestone in our constant improvement strategy.”
PetroStrat Ltd.

Building trust within the UK marketplace

To quote the former Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey: “We want to make the UK the safest place in the world to do business online and Cyber Essentials is a great and simple way firms can protect themselves.” More and more companies are recognising the need to create a trusted marketplace and are identifying Cyber Essentials as the driver to achieve this purpose.

“CQR are pleased to be helping build a trusted and resilient digital environment across the UK.”
CQR Consulting.

It’s time you consider certification

If your company hasn’t been certified yet, you could be putting its survival at risk. Discover our resources and tools to help you achieve straightforward Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification at a convenient price.

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