3 tips for successful GDPR staff awareness training

When organisations look to initiate a compliance programme, the ‘people’ factor is often overlooked.

Staff awareness should be a major concern for organisations looking to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

However, our 2017 GDPR Report found that less than 10% of organisations have provided GDPR staff awareness training to all employees.

The report also showed that only 53% of organisations are planning to provide GDPR staff awareness training in the future.

Why implement a GDPR staff awareness training programme?

A key element of any organisation’s GDPR compliance framework is staff awareness and education.

Guidance from data protection authorities emphasises the importance of making staff aware of the Regulation and for organisations to start integrating this into their compliance project.

Without an effective staff awareness programme, your organisation runs the risk of breaching the Regulation, which can have serious consequences.

Using engaging training, tools and thought-provoking activities will give your staff a clear understanding of the key changes introduced by the GDPR and the requirements that will affect their day-to-day work.

3 tips for successful GDPR staff awareness training

  1. Identify key areas that your organisation needs to improve

It’s important to provide targeted staff awareness initiatives that address key business objectives. These objectives should drive your awareness programme and will help to engage your employees.

GDPR objectives could include cutting costs, reducing the risk of data breaches and/or protecting and enhancing your organisation’s reputation.

  1. Use engaging training materials

Engaging staff training is critical to your programme’s success. Identify what your staff respond well to and incorporate these elements.

Common techniques include adding a game or an element of reward.

  1. Conduct staff training at regular intervals

A staff awareness programme should be an ongoing process that begins at induction and is reinforced regularly throughout the year and/or whenever staff-related data protection incidents occur.

Try our GDPR game

Another great way to boost your staff awareness training programme is to approach lessons in a fun, engaging way.

Our GDPR Challenge E-learning Game does just that, adding a competitive element to information security training.

Test your employees’ knowledge of the GDPR with this fun exercise that comes complete with a leaderboard, so you can see who has the bragging rights in your office.

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